To promote ethical and socially responsible leadership in business management and information technology education, by fostering a culture of excellence, accountability, and continuous improvement.


To create a world-class network of top-quality management and information technology institutions that inspire creativity, collaboration, and commitment to the highest levels of quality and integrity.


We are committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do, and it is powered by our values of diversity, excellence, innovation, professionalism, ethics, and continuous improvement.

Who We Are

American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) is a non-governmental, independent, and international accreditation, ranking and rating agency working to enrich the knowledge and expertise of universities, colleges, education providers, teachers, students, corporate entities, and individuals alike in these domains, with the goal of promoting growth and success for the education industry and the broader economy.

What We Do

American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) specializes in accreditation of educational programs and institutions, offers membership both to institutions and individuals, ranks and rates educational institutions globally, offers honorary doctorate degree based on work experience, provides awards to outstanding institutions and individuals, and offers organization of conferences, webinars and events to facilitate learning & networking opportunities.

Why We Do

American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) plays a crucial role in the field of education by evaluating and ensuring the quality of institutions and programs. ACMIT believes to maintain and enhance the quality of education, provide assurance to stakeholders, support institutional improvement, and contribute to the overall credibility and effectiveness of the education system that increase the impact across different levels.

ACMIT Key Features

Global Recognition

ACMIT is recognized globally, and its evaluation is respected across borders. Institutions that achieve ACMIT accreditation demonstrate a commitment to meeting international standards of quality in education.

Quality Assurance

The primary goal of ACMIT is to ensure and enhance the quality of education. ACMIT establishes standards and criteria that institutions and programs must meet to receive ACMIT accreditation, promoting excellence in teaching, research, and other key areas.

Networking Opportunities

ACMIT provides a platform for networking and collaboration among ACMIT accredited institutions. This facilitates the exchange of best practices, research, and resources, contributing to the global advancement of education.

Continuous Improvement

ACMIT encourages a culture of continuous improvement. Institutions are expected to engage in ongoing self-assessment, set goals for improvement, and demonstrate a commitment to addressing weaknesses identified during the accreditation process.

Public Confidence

Institutions that have achieved accreditation from ACMIT enjoy increased public confidence. Students, parents, employers, and other stakeholders may view ACMIT accredited institutions as more reliable and trustworthy.

Global Benchmarking

ACMIT provides a set of benchmarks and standards that institutions can use to compare themselves to peers globally. This benchmarking helps institutions identify areas for improvement and stay competitive on an international level.



ACMIT Workshop

The Role of AI in HRM
Event Registration Number: ACMIT85645
Date: 12th August 2024
Time: 9 PM to 10 PM


Innovations in Education: Navigating the Future of Learning
Event Registration Number: ACMIT02455671
Date: 18th July 2024
Time: 6 PM to 7 PM

Professional Development Program

Personal Branding in the Digital Era
Event Registration Number: ACMIT89765
Date: 25th August 2024
Time: 7 PM to 8 PM


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