Advisory Board

An Advisory Board is a group of external experts or individuals with specialized knowledge and experience who provide strategic advice and guidance to an organization. Unlike a formal board of directors, members of an advisory board do not have fiduciary responsibilities or decision-making authority. Instead, they offer insights, industry knowledge, and recommendations to assist the organization in making informed decisions. At ACMIT, we take immense pride in the caliber and dedication of our advisory board, whose collective wisdom and expertise serve as the cornerstone of our organization’s mission. Comprised of distinguished educationists and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds, our advisory board members embody a shared commitment to advancing the field of higher education, in particular management and information technology education. The advisory board at ACMIT plays a vital role in steering our organization towards excellence, providing strategic insights, fostering collaboration, and contributing to the continuous evolution of our programs and services. Their commitment to educational innovation and their diverse expertise significantly enhances ACMIT’s ability to make a lasting impact on the education industry. Our advisory board brings a global perspective to local challenges, providing ACMIT with a broader understanding of the diverse educational landscapes worldwide. This global approach allows us to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of educational institutions, educators, and learners, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

Dr. Saira Kazmi

Dr. Mohammad Falahat

Dr. Rocky J. Dwyer

Dr. Erdogan Ekiz

Dr. Eunice Irewole

Dr. Nadira Maharaj

Engr. Bashir Garba


Prof. Ibrahim A. Lawal