Awarding Body Process

To become part of ACMIT awarding body services involves a thorough process to ensure that the institution meets certain criteria and standards. Here are steps that an institution must take to become part ACMIT awarding body services.

Submit the Application Form

The first step of the ACMIT awarding body services process begins with the submission of an application form. Institutions seeking ACMIT awarding body services are required to fill out the application form on the ACMIT website.

Self- Evaluation Report

Institutions seeking ACMIT awarding body services need to prepare and submit various documents as part of the second step in the process. This includes details about the institution’s curriculum, faculty qualifications, facilities, and financial standing. Institutions are requested to send Self-evaluation report to

Awarding Body Services Fee

After submission of self-evaluation report, the applicant (Institution) will receive an invoice from ACMIT and will be required to pay ACMIT one-time fixed awarding body application processing fee ($ 6,80) either through online banking using ACMIT website or pay through bank to ACMIT official bank account. Institutions will be further paying ACMIT pay per certificate bases. One-time fixed awarding body service fee is the application processing fee that covers the cost associated with the entire process.

Assessment and Evaluation

After receiving the application process fee, ACMIT will assess the institution’s application, reviewing the provided documentation and ensuring that the institution meets the specified standards which may involve site visits, interviews, and evaluations of academic and administrative processes.

Agreement and Partnership

If the institution successfully meets ACMIT criteria, an agreement or partnership contract is going to be established. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for the institution to offer the qualifications awarded by ACMIT.

Training and Compliance

Institutions may need to undergo training to understand and implement the assessment and examination processes set by the awarding body. This ensures compliance with the body’s standards.

Ongoing Collaboration

After becoming part of ACMIT awarding body services, institutions engage in ongoing collaboration, participating in quality assurance processes, attending meetings, and staying updated on any changes or updates to qualifications.