Types Of Membership

ACMIT offers four different types of membership that cater to different institutions and individuals. Our membership is open to organizations and individuals from all parts of the world, regardless of whether they are associated with online or offline institutions.

Affiliate Membership

This membership is open to Institutions of higher education, universities, colleges, and other learning providers like coaching institutions, schools, etc.

Institutional Membership

This membership is open to quality assurance agencies, accreditation agencies, professional guilds and bodies, associations, certification agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Business Membership

This ACMIT membership is open to private and public for profit organizations, government agencies, and other business providers.

Individual Membership

This membership is open to working professionals like academicians, researchers, scholars, corporate professionals etc.

ACMIT Membership Fees

ACMIT membership fee is a recurring payment that institutions or individuals pay to become members of ACMIT. The fee is typically used to cover the costs associated with providing benefits, services, and resources to the members.