Accreditation Process

ACMIT accreditation process is a systematic and comprehensive evaluation which assesses the quality, effectiveness, and adherence to standards of an educational institution or program. The process is designed to ensure that the institution or program meets established criteria and maintains a commitment to continuous improvement.

Submit the Application Form

The first step of the ACMIT accreditation process begins with the submission of accreditation application form. Institutions are required to fill out the application form on the ACMIT website.

Submit Self Evaluation Report (SER) via Mail

After submitting the accreditation application form and receiving the application submission acknowledgement from ACMIT, Institutions are required to submit self-evaluation report (SER) based on ACMIT accreditation eligibility and accreditation standards via mail to

Pay Accreditation Fee

After submitting the self-evaluation report, the applicant will receive an invoice from ACMIT and will be required to pay ACMIT accreditation fee either through online banking using ACMIT website or pay through bank to ACMIT official bank account.

Accreditation Visit

After evaluation of self-evaluation report (SER), ACMIT board of accreditation will decide whether to send a team for the site visit or verify the self-evaluation report by visiting the site virtually. Institutions should be ready to justify the representations made in the self-evaluation report and be honest and open as much as possible.

Accreditation Decision

The ACMIT accreditation board is authorized for the accreditation decision. The board will review the final accreditation report after the accreditation visit and will decide on the accreditation award based on their assessment of the final report. Once the accreditation is awarded it be valid for five years, after which the accreditation will expire.

Post Accreditation

In attaining the ACMIT Accreditation, an Institution commits to maintaining and continuously improving its standards to align with those of the ACMIT Accreditation Standards and Criteria. Institutions are required to submit a mid-term report during the accreditation period.


Institutions wish to be re-accredited must submit a re-accreditation application/letter to at least one year before expiry of the current accreditation.