American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) is a non-governmental, independent, and international accreditation, ranking and rating agency working to enrich the knowledge and expertise of universities, colleges, education providers, teachers, students, corporate entities, and individuals alike in these domains, with the goal of promoting growth and success for the education industry and the broader economy. The work that we do at ACMIT is underlined and driven by the commitment, integrity, and knowledge of our board members of top educationists from different parts of the world who are dedicated to making a difference by transforming management and IT education. ACMIT aims to be the premier global accreditation agency, with a focus on delivering top-notch services. The organization is dedicated to achieving this goal through a relentless commitment to excellence.

Here’s What ACMIT Offers:

  • ACMIT specializes in accreditation of educational programs and institutions. Our accreditation processes are designed to assess and validate educational programs and institutions against rigorous standards, ensuring they adhere to best practices and contribute to the advancement of their industries.
  • ACMIT offers membership to institutions of higher education, universities, colleges, quality assurance agencies, accreditation agencies, professional guilds and bodies, associations, certification agencies, non-profit organizations, Private and public for profit organizations, government agencies and individuals like academicians, scholars and working professionals.
  • ACMIT ranks and rates universities and colleges globally based on global research reputation, regional research reputation, academic performance, and international outlook.
  • ACMIT offers organization of free conferences, webinars, and other events to facilitate learning and networking opportunities and provide a platform to collaborate, exchange ideas, and stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in industry.


To promote ethical and socially responsible leadership in business management and information technology education, by fostering a culture of excellence, accountability, and continuous improvement.


To create a world-class network of top-quality management and information technology institutions that inspire creativity, collaboration, and commitment to the highest levels of quality and integrity.

Core Values

We are committed to the relentless pursuit of excellence in everything we do, and it is powered by our values of diversity, excellence, innovation, professionalism, ethics, and continuous improvement. 

Governance Structure

Our governance structure is designed to ensure accountability and ethical conduct. The Board of Directors oversees our operations, and decision-making processes are aligned with our commitment to transparency.

Financial Reporting

We are committed to providing transparent financial information. Our financial statements, including budgets and reports, are easily accessible for stakeholders to review.

Ethical Standards

American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) upholds a set of ethical standards and a code of conduct that govern the behavior of our employees and leadership. We prioritize fairness, honesty, and ethical practices in all interactions.


American Council on Management and Information Technology (ACMIT) adheres to all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards. Our commitment to compliance ensures that we operate responsibly and ethically in all jurisdictions where we conduct business.

Stakeholder Engagement

We value our stakeholders and actively seek their input. We engage with our customers, employees, communities, and partners to understand their needs and expectations, incorporating their perspectives into our decision-making.