Ratings Process

The ACMIT ratings process refers to the steps educational institutions must follow.

Submit the Application Form

The first step of the ACMIT ratings process begins with the submission of a rating application form. Institutions seeking ACMIT ratings are required to fill out the application form on the ACMIT website.

Ratings Application Approval

The ACMIT ratings committee is authorized for the rating’s decision. The board will review the ratings application of the institutions and will decide on the ratings award based on their final evaluation.

Ratings Fee

After the rating’s application approval, the applicant will receive an invoice from ACMIT and will be required to pay ACMIT rankings fee either through online banking using ACMIT website or pay through bank to ACMIT official bank account.

Access to Ratings Benefits

Once the ratings fee is paid and the ratings certificate is issued, institutions gain access to ACMIT benefits. This may include attending events, accessing resources, participating in programs, and enjoying other privileges.