Honorary Doctorate Eligibility

ACMIT takes the following criteria into account when determining the eligibility of an individual for an honorary doctorate.

Significant Achievements

Nominees should be individuals who have made outstanding and significant contributions to their field, community, or society at large. This includes achievements in academia, science, arts, literature, business, public service, or other impactful areas.

Exceptional Impact

The nominee’s work or contributions should have had a substantial and lasting impact, demonstrating excellence and influence in their respective domain.

Reputation and Recognition

Nominees should be individuals with a strong reputation and recognition in their field. Their work should be widely acknowledged, and they should be regarded as leaders or influential figures.

Positive Influence on Society

Consideration is given to how the nominee’s work has positively influenced society or contributed to the betterment of humanity. This could include philanthropy, social activism, or other forms of positive impact beyond their professional achievements.

Ethical Standing

Nominees are generally expected to have high ethical standards and a history of integrity in their personal and professional conduct.