Process For Nomination

The nomination process for an honorary doctorate at ACMIT involves the following steps.

Nomination Submissions

Nominations for ACMIT honorary doctorate can come from various sources, including distinguished philanthropists, academicians, administrators, scholars, politicians, authors, scientists, etc. Candidates must fill out the application form with relevant information and submit it online. Candidates are also requested to submit their Profile/Achievement/CV via email to  ACMIT Honorary Doctorate Committee will assess your application and profile and will request you to further submit any document if required.  

Nominee Evaluation

ACMIT honorary doctorate committee reviews the nominations and evaluates the candidates based on predetermined criteria. The criteria at ACMIT include the nominee’s significant contributions to their field, societal impact, and work experience.

Notification and Acceptance

If selected, the nominee is notified of the ACMIT intention to confer an honorary doctorate. ACMIT communicates the honor, provides details about the degree, and seeks the nominee’s acceptance.

Scheduling the Conferment

Once the nominee accepts the honorary doctorate, arrangements are made to confer the degree during a formal ceremony. This ceremony may coincide with ACMIT special event, convocation, or another significant occasion.

Public Announcement

ACMIT makes a public announcement regarding the conferment of honorary doctorates. This announcement includes information about the recipients, their accomplishments, and the reasons for the honor.